Robba opened doors on May 15. 2015, at the premises of the former Minimal. Robba was designed by AKSL architects ,Spela and Aleš, for which they also received the first prize of the competition Slovenian design achievements at the Month of Design,in the category of Interior 2015 public interiors.

“Robba impresses with its powerful artistic expression. Architects with the help of a simple spatial envelope of geometric patterns that are a paraphrase of Baroque design with Robba’s Fountain, managed to create a dynamic meeting place. Robba shows harmonious balance between illusion and reality.”


In Robbba we strive to make our guests in addition to the enjoyment and wellness in the atmosphere, enjoy the cuisine as well. Our menu has been carefully designed to the last detail, very innovative, but above all we proud our selves, that we do not use frozen food, and that all final products are created and prepared in our kitchen with a lot of effort and love.

We have also put a great emphasis on beverages, where we serve healthy non-alcoholic beverages, smoothies, teas with fresh ingredients ….. great emphasis was placed on wines, because we have over 20 different Slovenian wines and champagnes by the glass.
We have given a lot of attention creating mixed drinks, for which we use only seasonal and fresh fruit and vegetables, which in combination creates an explosion of flavors and unique experience.


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+386 1 422 03 70

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Mestni trg 4, Ljubljana + 386 1 422 03 70

Working hours
Every day from 9:00 to 00:00

e-mail: [email protected]