Robba opened doors on May 15. 2015, at the premises of the former Minimal. Robba was designed by AKSL architects ,Spela and Aleš, for which they also received the first prize of the competition Slovenian design achievements at the Month of Design,in the category of Interior 2015 public interiors.

“Robba impresses with its powerful artistic expression. Architects with the help of a simple spatial envelope of geometric patterns that are a paraphrase of Baroque design with Robba’s Fountain, managed to create a dynamic meeting place. Robba shows harmonious balance between illusion and reality.”


In Robbba we strive to make our guests in addition to the enjoyment and wellness in the atmosphere, enjoy the cuisine as well. Our menu has been carefully designed to the last detail, very innovative, but above all we proud our selves, that we do not use frozen food, and that all final products are created and prepared in our kitchen with a lot of effort and love.

We have also put a great emphasis on beverages, where we serve healthy non-alcoholic beverages, smoothies, teas with fresh ingredients ….. great emphasis was placed on wines, because we have over 20 different Slovenian wines and champagnes by the glass.
We have given a lot of attention creating mixed drinks, for which we use only seasonal and fresh fruit and vegetables, which in combination creates an explosion of flavors and unique experience.


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BREAKFAST Served from 9.00 — 12.00


Granola with greek yogurt and fresh fruits 3,50 €

Fresh fruit with greek yogurt & honey 3,50 €

Butter croissant 1,60 €

Scrambled eggs with carniola sausage 3,50 €

Eggs on toast, tomatoes 3,50 €

toast with ham and cheese 2,50 €


Green monster 3,50 €
Spinach, straeberries, banana, honey

Banana 3,50 €
Banana, strawberries, almonds, chocolate flavored protein powder

Strawberry oatmeal breakfast smoothie 3,50 €
Soy milk, muesli, banana, strawberries, vanilla sugar

STARTERS Served from 12.00 — 22.00

Soup of the day 3,50 €

Chicken liver pate 6,00 €
Honey, truffles, fruit bread

Beef tartar 7,50 €
truffles, grana padano

Prosciutto, salami and mozzarella 6,00 €
Olives, sweet and spicy peppers

“Bacalar” spread 6,00 €
Olives, toasted bread

All about veg Guacamole 6,00 €
hummus, vegetable crisps

Cuisses de grenouilles 6,00 €
Mary Rose sauce

Deep fried shrimps 7,00 €
Mary Rose sauce

Chicken stripe 6,00 €

Shrimp cocktail 7,00 €
Apple, curry, mary rose sauce

Daily cheese selection 7,00 €

Carniola sausage 6,00 €
Pumpkin seeds oil mayonnaise

MAINS Served from 12.00 — 22.00


»Pljukanci« pasta 9,00 €
»Carniola« sausage, chicory, smoked ricotta

Gnocchi, 9,00 €
pancetta, tomatoes

Krpice pasta 9,00 €
Duck,pumpkin,chestnut, pumpkin seeds

Rib-eye steak 18,00 €
Mushrooms, spinach, egg, bernaise sauce

Veal cheeks 14,00 €
Potato mash, mustard seeds, ceps

Chicken fillet Ljubljana style 11,00 €
Potatoes with sundried tomatoes

Beef fillet 18,00 €
Pancetta, cottage cheese dumpling, port wine sauce

Robba rib burger and fries 6,90 €
Pancetta, cheese


Vegetable ragout 11,00 €


Squid ink risotto 10,90 €
Garlic and saff ron aioli

Saebass fille 16,00 €
Creamed spinach, potatoes, grana padano

Fish fillet (daily offer) 16,00 €


triple cooked fries 3,50 €

Mash potato 3,50 €

»Štrukelj« 3,50 €

Sauteed vegetables 3,50 €

Mixed salad 4,00 €

Large mixed salad 7,00 €

DESSERTS Served from 9.00 — 22.00 €

Lime cheescake 4,90 €
Ice cream

Dark chocolate fondant 4,90 €
Caramelized banana, peanut sauce, ice cream

House dessert 4,90 €

Apple pie 4,90 €
Cinnamon sauce, raisins, almonds, punch ice cream


Sivi Pinot / Pinot Grigio
Goriška Brda, Slovenija

Rebula Medot
Goriška Brda, Slovenija

Santomas, Slovenska Istra

Riesling Protner
Štajerska, Slovenija

Šumenjak EKO
Štajerska, Slovenija

BREG Marof
Prekmurje, Slovenija

Gredič, Movia
Goriška Brda, Slovenija

Vipava, Slovenija


Merlot Jakončič A.
Goriška Brda, Slovenija

Cabernet Sauvignon
Simčič M. Goriška Brda, Slovenija

Modri Pinot

Noir Verus
Štajerska, Slovenija

Modra Frankinja
Barrique Šturm
Bela Krajina, Slovenija

Sutor Red
Vipava, Slovenija

Cabernet Franc
Ščurek Goriška Brda, Slovenija

Refošk Bio

Korenika Moškon
Slovenska Istra, Slovenija

Cabernet Sauvignon
Reserva, Dolfo
Vipava, Slovenija


Mosaic Brut
Goriška Brda, Slovenija

Prosecco Brut
SOLIGO Italija

Mumm Cordon

Rouge Reims, France

Bjana Rose Brut
Goriška Brda, Slovenija

Mumm Rose
Reims, France

Veuve Clicquot
Brut Yellow Label
Reims, France


Polsuho | Of Dry
Vipava, Slovenija

Suho | Dry
Vipava, Slovenija

Kupljen Modri Pinot
Pinot Noir Suho | Dry
Štajerska, Slovenija


Mango & Basil Bellini
Our twist on the classic. Homemade mango and basil puree topped with sparkling wine

Christmas in a Glass
Drink with “can’t wait for Christmas” factor, but enjoying it when festive time isover, will help bring back sweet memories. Jack Daniel’s, De Kyper amaretto, Chai, cinnamon, orange wedges

Gin & Tea Party
Beefeater 24 and green tea infusion, Burbon vanilla sugar, lemon. Top noch!!!

Smashing pumpkins
Havana Anejo, homemade Hokaido pumpkin puree, winter spices, winter fairy tale can start.

Call me crazy
Sandeman port, Martell V.S.O.P, sweet balsamic vinegar, honey, black pepper….. who you want to call crazy?

Perry but not Fred
Pear brandy, De Kyper amaretto, apricot preserve, egg white and lemon … It’s your call …


The drink first appeared in 1953, Ian Flemming’s novel Casino Royal shown James Bond explaining Bartender how to make the drink, thanks James but let’s just stir this one! Absolut Vodka, Beefeater Gin, Garrone Dry Vermouth.

Side Car
Created toward the end of the first world war, both Harry’s New York Bar in Paris and the Buck’s club in london claim for it’s origin, however, Side Car was the first good cocktail since the end of prohibition. Martell V.S.O.P. Cognac, De Kyper Triple sec, lemon juice and sugar rim.

Tommy’s Margarita
Created by Julio Bermejo for his family’s Mexican restaurant and bar in San Francisco, Tommy’s Margarita became one of the all time bartenders favorite all around the world. Agave syrup, lime juice and Traditional Olmeca tequila, served on the rocks with salt rim.

Often considerate as the original Martini, this Mahattan’s variation, first appeared in 1884 in O.H Byron’s ‘the Modern Bartender’ print. Beefeater Gin, Garrone Red Vermouth, De Kyper Triple sec and Angostura Bitters, served straight up.

Bloody Mary
We’ve macerated worchester sauce with rosemary, cherry tomatoes, olives, celery, garlic, chillies for three months so that flavours blend together. One of a kind. Beefeater Gin or Absolut Vodka, Tomato juice, Mary mix, salt, pepper


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